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5 Indications Your Furnace Needs Repairs

Have you noticed that your house is struggling to maintain the level of heat you desire or that your furnace is having trouble kicking on? It may be time for you to get your furnace repaired. Here are five signs your furnace may need maintenance.

Unusual Sounds

It is not atypical for your furnace to make noise, but there are acceptable furnace noises and unacceptable furnace noises. You may hear it humming, which is normal, but if you are hearing popping and squeaking, this indicates something is amiss.

Color Change in Pilot Light

In a properly functioning furnace, the pilot light glows blue. If you notice your pilot light’s color has changed to yellow, or anything other than blue, you need to get a professional out to investigate it.

Lack of Warm Air

Does your home seem unusually cold? Check the air coming out of your furnace. If it is not functioning properly, it could be blowing out cold air. This could become dangerous quickly if it is freezing outside, so bringing in someone to look at it quickly is imperative.

Increase in Heating Bills

Your home not staying at the temperature you set or struggling to get to that temperature signifies that something in the furnace is not working correctly. This will cause the furnace to work extra hard, which means it will be running more than normal. This will cause your heating bills to go up.


The typical lifespan of a furnace is 12-15 years. However, if you do not keep up with regular maintenance, there is a decent chance it will not last this long. After about ten years, have a professional come out and assess how much life your furnace has left. The older your furnace gets, the more likely it will be to have issues, so regular maintenance is key.

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