How Do You Reset Your Central AC Compressor?

A good air conditioner can make a big difference on a hot summer day. Your air conditioner should have been serviced by a professional AC tune-up service near me so that you are ready for the season.

A malfunctioning cooling system is the last thing you need during a heat wave. However, if you have an issue with your AC, you can always try troubleshooting to see if you can get it working again.

You may need to reset your air conditioner if it is not blowing cold air or has stopped working. A simple process may be all it needs to operate correctly again.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Your AC Needs To Be Reset

Some types of air conditioners may have tripped their circuit breaker if you have had to shut off the power for some reason or if the weather has interrupted your power supply. A fluctuating power flow threatens the system’s operation. The breaker will trip to prevent damage to your AC unit. The device protects your system and home against power surge damage.

An electronic problem with your thermostat may also require a system reset. There is a possibility that the thermostat may not be properly transmitting temperature information if you have set it to cool. This can be an issue with a digital thermostat. Our technician may advise you to turn it off and on again. In some cases, you might even have to get your thermostat replaced, so you need to look for an AC replacement service near me.

Here's How To Reset Your Air Conditioner In Simple Steps -

A simple system reset is often all needed to solve an issue and will save you time figuring out the root cause. Some tips to reset your AC are:

Turn It Off

The first step in resetting is to turn off your air conditioner. Locate the AC unit’s shutoff button using your owner’s manual. Before turning off the AC unit, ensure the thermostat is turned off. For your safety, take this step before continuing to work on your air conditioner.

Find the Circuit Breaker

The next step is to locate your circuit breaker box and turn it off. A circuit breaker is usually located in a basement, closet, or crawlspace.

You Need to Wait

Wait a full minute after shutting off the AC unit’s circuit breaker. After 60 seconds, turn the AC unit back on. Informing your family that you will be resetting breakers is a good safety precaution.

Restart It

After waiting for one minute, the AC unit will automatically reset. Ensure the thermostat is turned back on and the temperature is set to your desired level. Wait for the device to cool the air to confirm it works correctly.

Air Conditioner Reset Benefits

You can reap several benefits from resetting your AC unit regularly, including:

  • Better efficiency.
  • Affordable energy bills.
  • A longer life expectancy.
  • A better quality of air.
  • Requiring fewer repairs.

To sum up

A tripped circuit breaker can be resolved by resetting your AC unit. As soon as you get the hang of it, it’s a quick fix. However, if your AC unit keeps restarting frequently, you should contact us by searching for a professional AC tune-up technician near me.

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