When Should My Furnace Be Inspected?

We put a lot of thought into buying a furnace to brave us through the harsh winters. We compare the benefits, working capacity, heating efficiency, and a lot of other things. And all is well and good when the furnace is working properly. But as soon as some problems arise, most people panic and immediately start thinking about replacements and costs. Surprisingly people don’t know about the need for furnace services and their role in making your heating system experience better. HVAC professionals claim that 75% of heating issues are solely due to a lack of maintenance.

You should get your furnace checked for minor issues and services annually. If your furnace has been in your house for quite some time now without any inspection, maybe it is time for you to consider furnace services in Austin, TX.

When Should I Get My Furnace Checked?

Several signs tell you to get your furnace checked. Some of them are:

1) Furnace gives out inadequate heat: Your furnace might give out less heat due to blockage in the air vents. Air vents usually collect dust around the year, which makes it difficult for the heat to pass through. A thorough inspection and cleaning by a professional is recommended in such a situation.
2) Weird sounds and smell coming out of your unit: If your heater or furnace gives out a bad odor, and noises come out of it, the furnace might need oiling, or some internal part might need repair.
3) Your furnace’s above 10 years old: Once your furnace completes 10 years, it has basically lived out its life, so if you wish to lengthen its life, you might need to get your furnace inspected for issues regularly.

When is The Best Time to Get Your Furnace Inspected?

The best time to get your furnace checked is just before the harsh winter starts, or just after the fall, which ensures that all the dry leaves are out of your external unit, and it will get your heater ready and efficient for the upcoming season.

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