Ductless Installation

When to Seek for Ductless Services in Austin, TX

Air conditioning is, undoubtedly, a necessity in Texas, considering how unbearable life can get when the air conditioner goes out. Finding reliable ductless services in Austin, TX, is however not as simple as it seems.

What happens when your AC runs into a problem, and you don’t have the repair money? In some instances, finding a technician can also be relatively difficult. At Alpine Heating and Air conditioning, we believe that learning common problems and how to fix them is essential.

       1. Clogged Filter

A dirty or clogged filter is among the top reasons why your air conditioner might not be running smoothly. If you have a reusable filter, you need to clean it monthly or whenever it gets dirty. Other models will need you to change the air filter either monthly or after three months.

        2. Refrigerant Leaks

A coolant leak in your air conditioner will lead to problems within your system. The temperatures will start fluctuating, and your AC will not perform correctly. You must ensure that your AC is examined yearly by a trained technician to avoid refrigerant leaks.

       3. AC Not Turning On

The first thing you have to check is whether the thermostat batteries are turned on and working correctly. Check the circuit breaker if the thermostat is functioning, and if the AC can still turn on. Flip the switch on your circuit breaker to turn on your air conditioner.

       4. Air Conditioner Making Noises

Understand that your AC will make different sounds with respect to the type of problem. The specific reasons why your air conditioner might produce various sounds include the following:

  • Hissing sound due to a refrigerant leak
  • Banging or thumping noises due to motor assembly problems
  • Clicking sound suggests a problem with the relay
  • Screeching noise indicates a fan or compressor problem


Contact Alpine Heating and Air conditioning and have a certified AC technician help you with AC repair and AC maintenance. Our team will also help you with indoor air quality in Austin, TX.