10 Things To Do If Your Heating System Won’t Turn On

Whether you use a furnace, a heat pump, or a dual fuel system, every type of heating unit differs in its function, but most components are the same. All of these heating systems have an air filter, a condenser, a capacitor, a thermostat, etc., and they require electricity to run. So, whenever any of these units do not turn on, the reason and solution can be the same.

Ten Things To Do If Your Heating System Won't Turn On

If your heating system is not turning on, it is highly recommended to schedule a heating repair in Austin, TX but before doing so, understand why your heating system failed. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps to know the reason and solution for the heating system failure

  1. Look At The Thermostat: Check the temperature settings if your heater stops working. Probably your thermostat is not set to the heating mode. Reset the temperature to fix this. If it is not accurately reading the temperature, recalibrate it, either with the help of a manual or by contacting a technician. If your thermostat is not working, change its batteries.
  2. Inspect The Fuse Box: Check the box to ensure that any fuse gets tripped or blown. Fix the tripped circuit breaker by restarting it.
  3. Check The Pilot Flame: Check the pilot light to verify whether you see a flame or not. If there is no flame, contact Alpine heating and air conditioning for furnace service in Austin, TX.
  4. Place A Clean Filter: A dirty air filter also acts as an obstacle to the heating mechanism and may cause your heating system to stop working. Therefore it is better to replace it.
  5. Check Gas Supply: Confirm if the gas supply is on by inspecting the reverse valve. If it is not, turn it on and restart the heating system.
  6. Refrigerant Availability: Confirm your heating system has enough gas to blow hot air. You can get the refrigerant level checked by a technician. Get it filled if the available amount is not enough. Also, check the entire unit and ductwork to ensure no leakage reduces the refrigerant.
  7. Inspect Capacitor Condition: Check the capacitor. It should not be rusted or damaged. You have to replace the capacitor if it gets broken or damaged.
  8. Fix The Heat Exchanger: A simple crack in the heat exchanger is enough to stop your heating system. Check the heat exchanger to ensure its condition is intact. Otherwise, fix the faulty heat exchanger.
  9. Unclog The Condenser And Drainage: A filter is not the only component that gets dirty and clogged over time. Other heating components like condenser and drainage also need cleaning or will stop working due to clogging.
  10. Schedule Servicing: If you don’t schedule an annual service,  lack of maintenance can be why your heating system is not turning on. Schedule an annual heating tune up in Austin, TX with Alpine heating and air conditioning, to prevent any HVAC problems.


The above mentioned are the most common causes for a heater not working. If your heating equipment fails to run, contact a professional with years of expertise in furnace installation in Austin, TX. 

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