4 Tips for Quality Air Conditioning Installation

A brand new AC unit can provide you with greater comfort, more energy savings, and refined features that your older air conditioning system did not have. An improperly installed cooling system will not do you any good at all. Ensure your AC system runs suitably and efficiently for years to come by following these pro tips.

  • Know About Energy Efficiency Ratings

Your adept HVAC technician can help you to comprehend the energy efficiency rating of your new unit, but in general, there are two things to look for: the ENERGY STAR label and the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). The SEER of your new cooling unit should be at least 14, but the most productive air conditioning units have a SEER closer to 20. The ENERGY STAR seal is a mark from the EPA that your AC is efficient without sacrificing any performance. Though a more efficient unit may be more costly at first, the savings should compensate for this additional cost.

  • Purchase An Air Conditioner That Suits The Structure Of Your House

People make the most blunders while choosing an air conditioning unit that suits the space’s structure. If you do not have pre-existing ductwork, have you made provision for this extra cost in case you purchase an air conditioning system that needs ductwork? Realizing this blunder at the time of installation is a major obstacle. You cannot piece together ductwork from poor material to cut back on expenditure. Thus, always consider the space, talk with your contractor, and only then purchase an AC.

  • Ensure The Contractor Is Certified And Insured

How to cut down the low-grade HVAC contractors from the experienced ones? The procedure is quite easy. A competent contractor will always have his authorization, license, insurance, and other certifications in order. It is because they are conscious that a future customer has every right to ask for them. Since it is your right as a customer to verify the claims of a prospective contractor, you must ask to see their documents for physical proof.

  • Keep Your Technician Informed

An undersized system will not keep your residence as cool and comfortable as you want it and will eat up a lot of power attempting to do so. An oversized system may wear down quickly, which is why the sizing is such an important part of air conditioning installation in Austin, TX. Ensure your technician takes the time to measure your house and keep your contractor aware of your requirements.

  • Maintenance Schedule

If you want to ensure that your AC functions properly and efficiently for years to come, you should get on a maintenance schedule as soon as your air conditioning unit is inducted. Registering in a maintenance program guarantees that your AC remains effective for longer, and it can keep your monthly bills low and prevent restorations.

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