6 Furnace Safety Tips To Keep In Mind This Winter!

A furnace system works efficiently in the winter to provide warmth. However, sometimes it is impossible to detect what is happening inside the furnace system. Some repair issues can escalate into situations that can affect the health of your family members, like gas leakage or fire due to electrical issues. The best way to prevent all these harmful situations is by following safety tips to keep your system healthy.  

Six Expert Tips From Our Furnace Professionals To Protect Your Furnace System.

Here are some safety tips from the furnace repair experts at Alpine Heating and Air Conditioning that you should keep in mind to avoid mishaps.

1. Eliminate The Dust And Debris

Your system will not produce heat if the soot blocks the fuel path in the combustion chamber. Dust and dirt in the air filter and the vents can create an imbalance in the air quality levels in your home. If it has been years since you last cleaned the duct system, schedule the service at the earliest to keep it clean and tidy. 

2. Schedule A Maintenance Service

The repair issues develop inside the furnace system as time goes by. That’s why it is better to contact Alpine Heating and Air Conditioning ,furnace service in Austin, TX, at the beginning of the  winter season to inspect and clean the system. Timely inspection by a furnace technician eliminates any issue developing and growing in the system. 

3. Examine The Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Using a furnace or combustion heating system, you should have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Carbon monoxide might enter your residence through ductwork if there is a blockage in the exhaust flue

4. Inspect The Smoke Alarm Systems

You should also have a smoke alarm system in your house to quickly detect if there is a fire hazard or not. The fire can start due to the furnace system if there is a fault in the system’s electrical board or fuse box. 

5. Clean The Surroundings Around The System

Ensure the area around the furnace system is clean and empty if installed in the attic. All the flammable objects and things that can easily catch fire can be kept far away from the system. Also, you should ensure that there should be nothing blocking the path of heating vents. 

6. Replace The Air Filter Before You Switch On The Furnace System

You should install a new air filter annually and discard the old one from the system. Air filters are essential to maintain proper airflow. If there is any blockage, it can lead to problems that will degrade the comfort levels in your home. 

Alpine Heating and Air Conditioning is an experienced and skilled furnace installation company in Austin, TX, and can provide clarification of essential steps to take, to avoid costly repair services. The technician will quickly inspect the system and find the fault that is causing the problem. 


You can spend the whole winter in comfort if you follow the safety tips and maintain your furnace system in good condition. The Alpine Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are here to resolve your HVAC problems. Our certified and skilled technicians will deliver the best furnace repair in Austin, TX, at affordable rates. Contact (512) 759-4247 and explain your issue to us, we are happy to help!