8 Signs That You Need to Schedule a Heating Repair

All HVACs require adequate servicing and maintenance for a smooth operation throughout the years. Your heating system is integral to your household’s comfort during the long and cold months of winter. A breakdown in the middle of a cold winter night can be no short of a nightmare. We have listed a few indications that show a fault with your HVAC

  • Hot and Cold Spots

Uneven heating in your house may have more than one reason. If you have to adjust your thermostat settings often to keep a room warm and comfortable, your heating system may indicate an issue. Moreover, the ductwork may also be the culprit for such uneven heating in your household. 

  • Short-Cycling 

Short cycling is a common issue usually caused by overheating your appliance. The frequent heat cycles may indicate a malfunctioning blower motor, heat exchanger, or ductwork issues. A furnace repair Austin TX is best suited to trace the issue and fix it once and for all. 

  • Loud, Erratic Noise 

A certain level of operational humming is expected from any HVAC system. Old appliances will also make relatively more operational noise which is completely normal. However, an erratic, particularly loud noise, such as a banging, knocking, or clunking that becomes evident and prominent during your appliance’s operation is concerning. Such noise indicates a broken blower fan, flimsy duct panels, gas chamber issues, etc. 

  • Foul Smell 

Foul smell is one of the most commonly ignored HVAC problems as owners expect them to go away on their own. A musky or dirty sock smell coming from damp facts or filters may indeed go away on its own, but a rotten egg smell or a burning smell should be dealt with right away and never slept on. Schedule trusted heating service Austin TX for a quick solution.

  • Uncomfortable Air Quality 

A drop in air quality leads to uncomfortable stay and troubled breathing. Your heating system can cause such issues if it has one or more malfunctioning parts and needs attention. A thorough cleaning or replacement of the air filter should improve indoor air quality but if the problem persists, get in touch with your contractor for a check up and repair. 

  • Cold Air Blowing from Registers and Vents 

Cold air blowing from a furnace or heat pump is another common issue caused by a malfunctioning heat exchanger or heating filament. Technicians can only fix these problems. A less severe complication such as clogged filters or leaks in ductwork is also known to cause such discomfort. 

If you find yourself adjusting the thermostat settings frequently, there might be a drop in your appliance’s efficiency and performance. If left unresolved for long, such issues can lead to an exponential rise in energy bills. 

  • Change in the Pilot Light Colour 

Gas furnace owners should always keep an eye on their pilot light colour and ensure it stays blue all the time. Change in the colour of the flame indicates a problem with the gas supply to your furnace and should be dealt with right away. 

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