Don’t Ignore These End-Of-Season Furnace Noises

Having a furnace that keeps you up at night with loud noises is a red flag! The furnace can lead to further issues and even explosions. If your furnace makes unusual or abnormal sounds while running, get it repaired and checked out immediately.

Normal sounds like the sound of the fan are well and good, but sounds that startle you or catch you unexpectedly are probably because of some shortcoming. Avoid delaying the repair, as it can lead to even higher costs!

But, what are these unusual end-of-season furnace noises?

Some of the most common sounds or noises that relate to problems in your furnaces are as mentioned below:

  • Banging/Popping Sound

If your furnace starts with a bang or pop sound, then there are two probable reasons behind this:

If your furnace burner is covered with dirt or dust, it might lead to a delay in starting the burner. This can lead to gas build-up in the burning chamber, which leads the furnace to start with a bang. These mini-explosions could lead to a crack in the heat exchanger and can also cause an explosion if not attended to, causing damage to your unit or house even.

  • Ducts

If your ducts are expanding and contracting rapidly, they might produce a sound that resembles a bang or pop. It is probably due to undersized ducts, spaces in between, or uneven levels.

  • Clanging/Scraping Noise

If your furnace produces a scraping noise while running, which is metal hitting metal, it might be related to your blower wheel or motor mount. It warrants HVAC attention immediately to prevent your furnace from suffering further issues.
1. The chances are that your blower wheel has got loose and is hitting the blower casings, leading to the sound.
2. The blower wheel is probably loose and broken.
3. The whole blower assembly came out due to faulty connections or motor mount.

These issues are mostly related to blowers, as they are metal parts and make a scraping sound when the wheel hits the furnace casings or other walls.

  • Squealing Noises

Squealing noises in your furnace can be due to a faulty blower belt, which has loosened and needs to be tightened. It can also be due to dirty and unoiled motor bearings. They need to be lubricated properly to stop the squealing noise. If not done on time, it can lead the furnace’s motor to burn out due to overheating.

If you hear squealing or whining noises coming out of your furnace, then it is best to leave it to HVAC technicians.

Banging sound is the most dangerous and requires immediate attention compared to squealing noises. Apart from these, if you hear a clicking sound, it might mean that carbon monoxide is leaking out of the furnace. It requires more attention than all three sounds as carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas.

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