How Can You Reduce Your Air Conditioning Unit Bill?

Surviving the sweltering summertime is not easy at all. The living is hot, sweaty and can get very uncomfortable at this time. Another downside is that your air conditioning unit at home will be expected to operate incredibly hard in this peak season. This means your air conditioning bill could soar like anything without you even realizing it.

Power consumption can climb just like the temperature at noontime. However, there are some extremely easy and beneficial tips to decrease your air conditioning bill over the summer and keep a comfortable indoor environment.

These pointers will enable you to keep cool when the energy bills come rolling in –

1. Upgrade Your Windows

Cut the cooling expenses of your home by installing new energy-efficient windows. Some upfront cost is involved, but it can be compensated in the long run with lower electricity bills.

2. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans circulate cool refreshing air, taking some of the burdens off your AC unit. Use them to increase energy efficiency.

3. Seal Your Windows

Inadequately sealed windows leak air, which makes your AC unit work harder. Caulking leaks or breaks and weather-stripping your windows will deter cool air from leaking out of your windows.

4. Avoid Cooking Indoors

Cooking on an oven or stovetop produces a ton of heat, which strains your AC system. The summers are incredible for outdoor cooking, and grilling outside a few times a week can help. Alternatively, you can use equipment that throws off less heat, like electric griddles.

5. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats cut power usage by regulating temperatures while you’re asleep or not at home. You can program them manually or buy one that gradually adjusts to your temperature preferences. Few can even be set up with an app.

As per the Department of Energy, you can save up to ten percent yearly by adapting your temperature by seven to ten degrees for eight hours a day. Programmable thermostats can automate the procedure.

6. Replace the AC Air Filters

Air filters keep your air conditioning system running smoothly by staving off the dust from blocking your ducts and facilitating air circulation. If the filters are filthy, your air conditioning system will have to work harder to circulate air.

You’ll want to supplant your filters every few months, and perhaps more if you have pets or children. Luckily, air filters are inexpensive and easy to switch by yourself.

7. Protect Your Walls and Attics

Windows are not the only part of your residence that leaks air. Lofts, walls, and crawl spaces lose air too. Professionally insulating your residence is one of the most decent ways to boost energy efficiency. If you have an old house, this could be worth the investment.

8. Reduce The Sunlight

Sunlight coming in through your windows increases the temperature of your home. By obstructing the sunlight, you can alleviate that effect. Planting some shade trees outside your windows can prevent streaming sunlight, while blackout curtains are some of the inexpensive options.

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