How Do I Know The Right Size AC Filter That I Need?

If you plan to buy a new air filter for your AC unit and are about to get it installed using HVAC service in Austin, TX, then read this before buying. Choosing the right air filter is one of the most important things a person can do to protect their family and health.

Before buying, the buyer checks all the key features and specifications of the air filter available in the market, but usually, one key point while choosing is forgotten; the size of the air filter. Weirdly enough, people generally ignore the size of the air filter they wish to buy.

Why Do I Need The Right Size Air Filter?

If the air filter is too large, you will have to return it. Do not cut the air filter. Cutting the filter to a specific size will create an air gap, and contaminants will enter through the air. The longer you wait to replace the old clogged filter, the more restricted the airflow. When airflow is restricted, three things can happen:

  1. Your electricity bill will start increasing because hot or cold air may get trapped behind the wall of particles.
  2. Your HVAC system needs to run longer because hot and cold air cannot circulate normally.
  3. The indoor air quality will become poor as fresh and clean air cannot enter your home.

If the air filter is too small, this creates air gaps, and dust will bypass the filter material.

When Do You Need To Replace The AC Filter?

The filter should be replaced every 30 to 90 days, depending on the type and efficiency of the filter. For safety reasons, turn off the HVAC unit before attempting to replace the filter. Most air filters are situated on the right or bottom of the unit and should be easily removed from their slots. Some filters can be found in the vents, although they are rare. In this case, you may need to search for an AC replacement near me to seek professional help.

How To Determine The Correct Size Of The Air Filter Required?

Here are three easy ways to find the right air filter for you:

  • Check your current air filter: You can easily find the size of the air filter printed on the side of the filter.
  • Measure the size: The size of the air filter is written as length, width, and depth. For example, 18x20x1. You can use a measuring tape to estimate the dimensions of the existing filter. At last, you will have three numbers in inches. It is called the actual size.
  • Refer to the HVAC owners manual: If all other methods fail, refer to your air conditioner manual or contact the manufacturer directly and provide the model number of your system. They can help you determine the exact filter specification for your unit.

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