How Do You Know If Your AC Needs Repassing?

Air conditioners are an essential appliance present in almost every household today. Being a complex machine, your AC needs technical support from professionals from time to time. Sometimes, however, your AC might lose its efficiency even after maintenance and service. 

Repassing the AC is an essential thing that every homeowner should pay attention to. Without repassing the AC, it will become inefficient, causing you discomfort. It will harm the condenser as well as other components of the system in the long run. 

Signs That Indicate the Need For Gas Refilling

There can be several reasons behind this, but the most common is refrigerant gas leakage. 

  • Warm Air: Your air conditioner will start blowing hot air instead of cold air when the level of Freon gas becomes low. This is the first sign you will get that indicates the need for gas refilling. 

If there is any leakage, the cooling will decrease daily. When the gas tank gets empty, there will be no difference between a standard room and a room with AC on.

  • High Electricity Bills: With low Freon, your AC will run continuously for more time than usual to cool the room. It will lead to high energy consumption. Less cooling and an unexpected rise in energy bills indicate a low Freon level in your AC

So keep a check on your bills, and if your bills appear higher than usual, do an energy audit. It may help you find out the real culprit behind these high bills. 

  • Ice Formation: Due to the low Freon charge in your AC, it will start to form ice on the refrigerant lines. If you notice ice or frost anywhere on your air conditioner, it means that the evaporator coil of your AC is frozen. If you need professional help, you can call an AC repair in Austin, TX, to look into this issue.  

  • Uneven Distribution of Air: The air distribution will not be even when there is a shortage of air-con gas. You will notice that one part of your room is cool while the other is not. If you find yourself in this situation, it is a clear sign that your AC needs refilling. 

  • Strange Emissions: AC with low refrigerant levels can often start to produce a hissing sound. Sometimes even the water starts dripping outside. So, if you notice any unusual noises, smells, or moisture coming from your AC while turning it on, get it repassed quickly.

  • Take Too Much Time to Cool: Due to low refrigerant, your AC will have to run more to provide cooling as it won’t be able to absorb much heat from your home. Thus, the usual time for cooling the room will increase unexpectedly, causing your AC to run continuously with less or no cooling.


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