How Much Should A High-Efficiency Furnace Cost?

During chilly winters, a furnace system is necessary to keep your home warm and cozy. But the high cost and inability to solve the purpose make it difficult for consumers to get a suitable furnace system for their place. Following are some of the factors that include the furnace services in Austin, TX. They play a prominent role in deciding the cost of a high-efficiency furnace system.

Need For a High-Efficiency Furnace System

Different purposes require different efficiency of the furnace system. Some of the reasons behind installing a high-efficiency furnace m are as follows –

  • You live in a place where winters are chilly.
  • If you plan to live in the same place for more than ten years, a high-efficiency system is apt for you.
  • The cost of consuming energy is high. Besides buying a high-efficiency furnace system, make sure you are booking HVAC services in  Austin, TX regularly to avoid high bills.
  • Local rebates and incentives are provided either by the government or by the firm in which you are working.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a High-Efficiency Furnace

A high-efficiency furnace usually costs between $3,000 to $5,000. However, some factors are involved and play a vital role in deciding the cost of a high-efficiency furnace. These are mentioned as follows –

  • Source of Energy

The annual maintenance cost of a furnace must be taken into consideration before buying a high-efficiency furnace. There are three sources of energy available for the working of a furnace system. These sources are electricity, natural gas, and oil. The cost for each source of energy must be cross-checked to get an idea of the maintenance charges.

  • Repair Cost

The cost of a high efficient furnace system is more. Such furnaces have complex parts installed within. Thus to repair those parts, highly efficient technicians are required to deliver the best HVAC repair services in Austin, TX.

The two-stage furnace can switch easily between two power modes. It helps the furnace to perform efficiently. Besides this, a low power consumption conserves energy and helps in reducing temperature fluctuations. Usually, a highly efficient furnace comes with a 2 stage blower which is several hundred dollars costlier than a single-stage furnace. Thus, a two-stage furnace is apt for those who have decided to live in the same house for at least 10 years.

  • A Two-Speed Blower Versus a Variable-Speed Blower

A variable-speed blower is approximately $600 costlier than a standard one. But due to its power to adjust according to your surroundings, it uses a fraction of energy. It is comfortable and isn’t noisy.

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