How To Know If Your AC Condenser Is Working?

Homeowners may solve some air conditioning problems with a simple do-it-yourself fix or repair. But, when it comes to a malfunctioning AC condenser, your home’s HVAC system will require expert assistance. However, the real question is how you can determine if your AC condenser is in good working order or if it has failed?

Here are several ways to tell if your condenser is in good working order or if it needs an AC repair in Austin, TX

  • The Air Conditioner Isn’t Blowing Cold Air.

One of the first symptoms of a problem that many homeowners notice is an air conditioner that does not blow air. Turn your system off and on again, and if the problem persists, it would be better to contact a professional.

  • The System Blows Warm Air.

Blowing warm air by an air conditioner unit is also a sign of an impending AC condenser failure. A faulty compressor cannot pump refrigerant through the system, resulting in a loss of cooling power.

It is important to note that a refrigerant leak might also cause this symptom. This might be the cause if the system has been steadily losing cooling power for some time. As the system loses refrigerant charge, the condenser is put under strain, and refrigerant leaks might cause your condenser to fail.

  • The Outside Unit Is Rattling When AC Is Turned On.

If your condensing unit shakes every time it goes on, the condenser is most likely “hard starting,” indicating it is having difficulty turning on. This frequently occurs immediately before the failure.

  • Visible Leakage.

A visible leak is a more clear indicator of condenser failure. Due to age or corrosion, the condenser may begin to leak over time. When the condenser leaks, depending on the location and size of the breach, all high-pressure refrigerants can and will ultimately seep out, rendering the entire AC system inoperable. Because the condenser is one piece, it must be changed as a whole if it begins to leak. For this, you will have to call an AC contractor in Austin, TX.

  • Rising Energy Bills Are Costly.

A faulty AC condenser might cause your unit to work harder than normal. And the harder your air conditioning system has to work to do its job, the more energy it consumes, resulting in higher costs.

  • Outdated HVAC System.

For one reason or another, an old HVAC system will ultimately quit operating. If your unit is several years old and frequently refuses to turn on, the condenser will need to be replaced. And along with that, if your air conditioner makes a buzzing noise or is slow to start, your condenser may be failing and getting old.

AC condensers are a vital part of your HVAC system that should not be overlooked. To get your AC condenser inspected, contact our AC technicians in Austin, TX.