How To Tell If Your AC Is Thawed?

While you continue to work hard to keep yourself cool during summer, you should be checking your AC to ensure it is running well and you have no problems. One of the most common problems air conditioners face is thawing, but this is not always the facile problem to find immediately.

Signs That Indicate Your Air Conditioner Is Thawing Or Freezing

  • Your AC Blows Hot Air

It may be the first symptom you notice. If you are close to the vents and feel the hot wind blowing into them, it is possible that your air conditioner components are frozen and cannot cool the air properly for your home. From here on, you should check multiple areas to make sure there is no other cause of the problem.

A dirty air filter can restrict the airflow in the air conditioner, causing hot air to blow out of the equipment. Replace the filter to restore normal airflow and prevent freezing of other parts.

  • Check The Coil

In the same way that a dirty air filter interrupts the airflow into the device, a dirty evaporator or condenser coil can also interrupt the airflow. So, make sure to remove dirt and grime from the condenser coil to restore airflow.

  • Look For The Icy Tube

If neither the filter nor the coil produces hot air, check if your device has icy tubing. It may be evident. If you see the device freezing, you need to turn off the air conditioner and let the ice thaw before you have a properly working unit again.

  • Check For Leaks

If any part of your equipment is frozen, the excess condensate generated by the air conditioner will not drain properly, which may cause your equipment to leak. So, ensure to check the area around the equipment for signs of water damage. If you find any abnormalities, you need a professional AC technician in Austin, TX, to defrost and repair your equipment.

  • Other Problems

If your AC unit is frozen, collateral damage may occur. Too many drain pans and clogged condensate drain pipes are dangerous because the air conditioner leaks too much. Wrap the equipment in a towel and watch for additional leaks to prevent water damage.

  • Monitor The Situation

Once your air conditioner is completely free of ice and all parts are dry, you can turn on the air conditioner again. Monitor your device for persistent problems in the next few hours or days.

Other signs include:

  • Check if the air filter is dirty.
  • Check whether the coil is dirty. Check whether the pipes inside the unit are frozen.
  • If there is ice, turn off the system until it dries.
  • Check if the system is working efficiently. If not, contact an AC contractor in Austin, TX.

It’s time to keep your AC unit in top condition throughout the summer. Preventive maintenance and regular inspections help detect problems early and prevent your air conditioning system from thawing.

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