Is It Normal For AC To Turn On And Off Every 10 Minutes?

The air conditioner should turn on and stay on for at least 10 to 15 minutes if not much more. If your air conditioner continues to turn off after 15 minutes or less, or even only minutes after turning on, it is short cycling.

Short cycling should always be addressed and corrected. The air conditioner also spews warm or hot air, indicating a significant problem. An air conditioning repair specialist can assist with air conditioning installation in Austin, TX, or with any other HVAC related issues.

Factors that affect short cycling

Short cycling in HVAC occurs when an air conditioner or furnace goes on and off more frequently than usual. Short cycling distances are harmful for several reasons:

  • It indicates the squandering of energy and increasing home’s energy costs.
  • It’s possible that not reaching comfortable temperatures or cooling evenly.
  • In many circumstances, this indicates that something is amiss with the device.

Three simple repairs for a frequent AC shutdown

These remedies will not work in every situation and will not fix an air conditioner with a faulty component. However, some issues are worth investigating before contacting a specialist.

  • Temperature settings

Checking even the most basic things before concluding that the air conditioner is faulty is similar. Lower the thermostat temperature and check if the AC stays on longer.

  • Lack of annual maintenance

You must service air conditioners at least once a year. To keep the air conditioner in good working order and it’s important to maintain the AC repair in Austin, TX, with an affordable plan from a reputable repair provider.

The thermostat detects the indoor temperature and determines if it is cool enough. If your thermostat is near an AC vent, this could be the source of the problem. 

Causes of an immediate air conditioner shutdown

If the air conditioner turns on and off quickly rather than after 15 minutes, it most likely has a problem with the electrical components or the run capacitor.

  • Electrical issues

It is a common source of short cycling, and there could be a problem with the power supply line, or the capacitor could be faulty or malfunctioning. It can be caused by the thermostat, system electrical connections, or circuit boards.

  • Capacitor failure

The run capacitor in your AC provides the first energy boost required for the system to start on and supplies continuous power. When this part fails, the intermittent power supplied to your unit will cause it to turn off and then back on suddenly.

  • Drain line obstruction

A float switch is a safety mechanism found in most air conditioning systems that will turn off the system if the water in the drain line is not flowing properly and begins to back up. 


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