Is It Worth Replacing the Compressor on The AC Unit?

A broken compressor is considered to be the worst problem for an AC unit. A sign that your compressor has stopped working is when the outdoor unit makes no sound with the AC not cooling. There could be other possibilities of capacitor failing and electrical issues, but the compressor failing is a bigger issue. It is generally said that a broken compressor cannot be repaired. 

You can only replace your entire AC unit. Since the compressor is expensive to repair and replace, replacing it will cost you more than buying a new system, including wasted electricity. In this case, search for an AC replacement near me online and ask the HVAC experts about possible solutions. 

Purpose Of Having A Compressor

A compressor is the pumping system of your AC. It pressurizes the refrigerant to turn it into a gas and circulates through the AC. Without a compressor, your AC won’t cool because no refrigerant will run through the coils, as no refrigerant will be compressed into a high-pressure gas from a liquid state. It is an essential part of your AC system that is rarely problematic and expensive to fix. 

What To Do- Replace The Compressor Or Buy A New AC?

Compressor issues are complex and hard to fix. Therefore, deciding whether to go for a new AC or replace the old compressor with a new one is not easy. To figure out your next steps, follow the given points. 

  • Check if your system is blowing hot air only.
  • Watch out for continuous tripping of the circuit breaker.
  • Check if excessive noise is coming from the outdoor unit. 
  • Check if the compressor remains off even when the AC is on.

  • Know the age of your AC unit: Remember that if your system is less than 10 years old, it is relatively new and possibly covered by the warranty. Here, the manufacturer will take responsibility, and your labour will reduce. However, if your AC is older than 15 years, you should replace it and install a new one.

  • Call an HVAC expert: Because you are not an expert, it will be difficult for you to decide if the issue is within the compressor, the capacitor, or other components. Therefore, consult an HVAC professional and proceed.

  • Ask for affordable alternatives: Feel free to talk with your HVAC contractor and discuss all the possible alternatives. Getting a second opinion will clarify your mind and give you a better understanding of AC maintenance.

  • Compare the costs and your budget: If you decide to get a complete change of AC unit, it will include more labour in removing the previous system and installing a new one. Similarly, if you decide to replace the compressor, it will include an inspection and tune-up. Break down and compare the costs to get a clear picture of your best choice. 

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