Never Use AC and Ceiling Fan Together?

Daily air conditioning tune-ups and maintenance are required to keep your AC unit running smoothly. You know you’ve missed your regular maintenance inspections when your air conditioner starts acting strangely! A timely air conditioning maintenance in Austin, TX, will save you money and the hassle of expensive repairs. There are numerous indications that air conditioner maintenance is long overdue, ranging from ineffective ventilation to a foul odor.

Air conditioning units are very important appliances for your home or workplace. They likewise improve air quality and maintain the temperature too. Air conditioners circulate filtered, clean air in a property.

How Does a Ceiling Fan Work?

Before there ever was central air conditioning, ceiling fans were the appliance for comfort in the 1880s. While we all understand that ceiling fans circulate the air throughout the room, air circulation doesn’t necessarily decrease the temperature in the room. It works like a wind chill; as the air moves across your skin, it disperses your body heat, evaporating sweat, thus making you feel cooler and comfortable.

If the ceiling fans’ blades are rotating properly, they will direct the air straight down (counter-clockwise) on the occupants in the room. A thermometer in that room may read 86 degrees, but you will feel like it’s five to seven degrees cooler because of the fan’s chill factor.

Importance of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans were the high-tech household comfort equipment at the beginning of the 20th century. They are widely used to cool factories, workplaces, and hotels. Their slowly swirling paddle fans made it into households in the early 20th century., long before residential air conditioning became popular. Today, the time-tested technology, our favorite ceiling fans, are the best-selling variety of fans worldwide.

When the temperatures start soaring, all you can think about is getting the utmost comfort out of your air conditioning system. It’s a popular notion that ceiling fans should not be used along with Air Conditioning units. The reason is that ceiling fans push the hot air down, thus intensifying the load on the air conditioning systems.

On the contrary, with a ceiling fan, you can raise the Air Conditioner’s thermostat by two to four degrees with no rebate in comfort. Increasing the temperature of the air conditioner can decrease your energy bills considerably.

If you are troubled about increased electricity bills due to air conditioners, ceiling fans can be incredible electricity savers for you. Ceiling fans disseminate the air inside the room rather than getting outside air inside the room or pushing interior air outside. They blow air downwards and eliminate any hot air around the items below it.

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