Should You Replace Your AC Unit Before You Sell My Home?

While considering possible repairs before selling your home, HVAC systems often become a big concern. Even though buying a new HVAC system might seem expensive, it can greatly impact your price negotiation.

This article aims to explain what factors you should consider when deciding whether to purchase a new system or take the hit in price as a sunken cost. Additionally, we will discuss whether it is better to spend money on parts rather than the whole project.

Air Conditioner Replacement Is A Good Idea

  • With a well-maintained property and recently replaced appliances, your buyers will trust that the house is in good condition and that you are a conscientious seller.
  • Replace an ailing AC and any other improvements you’ve made if you have good prospective buyers on the fence. Buyers may move on to a more move-in-ready property if there is a long list of maintenance needs.
  • Among the benefits home sellers can promote in their listings are upgraded appliances and their energy efficiency. Buyers are attracted to a cost-saving, modern AC that meets current standards for efficiency, refrigerant, and more. If you plan to use the air conditioner as a selling point, invest in quality rather than an entry-level unit, but don’t overspend.
  • Don’t expect your house to sell at the asking price if your air conditioner is 15 years old and the neighbors have newer air conditioners. Ensure your home is equipped with appliances that buyers in the area would expect from comparable homes. Call a professional for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Austin, TX.

No To Replacing The Air Conditioner

  • Buying a new air conditioner may not be feasible depending on home values, profit margins, and the market. New units are often larger than older units, making replacement costlier and putting you over budget. You may be able to save more money by adjusting the selling price rather than spending the cash outright on a large appliance and installation.
  • An “old” AC unit is not necessarily beyond repair. It may be a reasonable option to call for service if the refrigerant is not leaking and mechanical parts are not damaged.
  • Buyers don’t care about it. In some cases, buyers aren’t concerned about the AC’s condition; they may plan to replace it, own one, or have different needs. It makes no sense to spend money if it doesn’t frighten prospective buyers and doesn’t make budgetary sense.
  • There is an option of buying a home warranty. In situations where there is a question of whether to replace the air conditioner or not, investing in a home warranty to cover the current unit for a year is a good way to save money and satisfy the buyer.


Ultimately, you’ll want to offer your home in the best possible condition while maximizing your budget and income. Before selling your house, ensure your air conditioner is checked out by a professional so you can make an informed decision and get the best result.

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