Top 10 Causes That May Lead To Furnace Failure

If you have not used your furnace for an extended period of time, it can become slightly rusty and may not function as well as it did the previous year. Some components, such as the furnace capacitor, may struggle to start due to lack of use. If your furnace has difficulty starting, you may need to seek furnace repair in Austin, Texas.

Common Furnace Problems

Here are ten common problems that can lead to furnace failure: 

  • Lack Of Maintenance: Our qualified technicians can inspect your heating system annually after furnace installation in Austin, TX. The consequences of not following maintenance schedules could require more costs and even become fatal as it could result in the emergence of carbon monoxide.
  • Thermostat Issue: If your furnace is not adequately heating your home or building, the first thing to check is the thermostat. Ensure the furnace is set to heating mode and the thermostat is functioning correctly. If the thermostat displays the correct temperature, but the furnace is still not providing enough heat, it may be time to call our heating specialist for further assistance
  • Dirty Air Filters: HVAC experts suggest cleaning your filters at least once every three months. Always inspect, clean, or change your air filters before using the furnace. Dirty filters can decrease the airflow that flows through the HVAC unit, which can cause the system to work harder to meet the demands.
  • Broken Parts: A loud furnace may indicate that some parts are damaged in your furnace. Your furnace should be operating effortlessly, but noise could indicate mechanical issues, a decreased airflow into your heater, or a blocked furnace burner.
  • Dust And Dirt Buildup: A dirty and dusty furnace can cause health issues in yourself or your family members. For example, breathing problems, itchy red eyes, headaches, coughing, etc.
  • Postponing Minor Issues: Most homeowners ignore minor repairs until they become significant, resulting in the complete failure of the furnace. Never ignore small issues like leakage, weird noises, or smells from the furnace.
  • Issues In The Gas Supply Pipe: Furnaces require fuel to produce heat. Check the fuel supply pipe; most of the time, the handle should be perpendicular to the pipe if it is ON and vertical if it’s OFF. When the valve for gas is turned on, and your furnace is still unable to start, you might have to contact us for furnace repair in Austin, TX, for an inspection.
  • Improper Installation: Improper installation done by inexperienced technicians will only increase issues. A skilled HVAC technician knows where to install the furnace so that it can work efficiently. Always hire a reputed HVAC company for installation and maintenance services.
  • Short-Cycling: Another issue with furnaces occurs when the unit constantly goes between ON and OFF modes. It could be due to the clogged air filter, improper circulation of the HVAC unit, or an incorrect thermostat setting.
  • Limit Switch Issue: If the fan of your furnace cannot run, it could be a problem with the limit switch. It is a difficult issue to diagnose and fix and is best dealt with by our skilled furnace repair technicians.

Final Word

Annual maintenance service and reaching out to our experienced technicians to fix small issues that arise will help you avoid furnace failure.  
If you’re looking to purchase an entirely new furnace or require cleaning, an inspection, or servicing, Alpine Heating and Air is your primary furnace service company. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (512) 759-4247 to inquire about furnace installation in Austin, TX.