Types of Furnaces and How They Work

Furnace installation is a very big decision when it comes to the heating capacity of your house. Nowadays, many types of furnaces are available in the market, which often confuses us. Owners can avoid this confusion if they understand the differences between each type of furnace and its functions.

The different furnaces available in the market are used differently and as per the living or the working condition. You must select the furnace that suits your living space and provides you with the most comfortable environment during the winters. You can also contact the HVAC service in Austin, TX, for more suggestions.

Types of Furnaces Available


Gas is the cleanest burning option among nonrenewable resources. A good percentage of homeowners prefer this type of furnace. The gas-fired furnace is easily available, and the connection process is hassle-free. We have to connect our furnace to the municipal system gas pipeline. It is a little costly because of greater demand. The other added cost is the gas supply that needs to be paid for from time to time. Other than this, you can also see the other types of furnaces available in the market.


These are the second most popular types of furnaces available. The oil-fired furnace needs a storage tank through which the oil is supplied to the furnace constantly. From the expenses point of view, it is less costly than gas-fired furnaces. One of the major drawbacks of this type of furnace is that the carbon and soot create a blockage in the tanks most of the time. Oiled furnaces need to be cleaned from time to time to maintain efficiency.


Waste oil furnaces are a new concept introduced in the world of furnaces. This furnace uses waste oil to provide heat to your home. The waste oil can be in the form of vegetable oil or automotive oil. It is the most environmentally friendly furnace. You can go for it if you want a sustainable furnace along with zero wastage of resources. The only drawback of this furnace is that you need lubricants more often, and the amount of waste oil produced at home cannot match the quantity needed to run the furnace.


  • Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are the most demanded furnaces used all over the country and the world. This is one of the recommended furnaces if you want the best installation and service. The only added cost by the electric furnace is the cost of electricity. Besides that, you can easily nod for this type of furnace without a second thought. An electric furnace is one of the safest types of furnaces if used properly.

Many options are provided here through which you can choose the best system suited for your home. It is advised to consult a professional team before making your decision. You can connect to Alpine Heating and Air Conditioning, known for their furnace service in Austin, TX. Feel free to contact us at (512) 759-4247. We also provide HVAC services to our customers around the clock in case of emergencies.